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Do you realize you have 6 FAT BURNING HORMONES that should be working for you and not against you?

Attend this seminar to learn how to get your body into FAT BURNING MODE and finally lose that excess weight and keep it off!

If you are like others who have suffered with weight issues, you will leave the seminar saying, “Ah hah! Now I get it! Now I understand why I haven’t been able to lose weight!”

This one-hour, information-packed, FREE Seminar will teach you………
  • How to Trigger Your 6 Fat Burning Hormones

  • The 11 reasons people do not burn fat, and what you can do   about it

  • Find out why the wrong diet will drain you of your energy

  • Why some people exercise and exercise yet can’t lose any weight

  • How to purify your body of toxins that stop the fat burning process
  • Find out why lack of energy and obesity are so closely related and exactly how to finally conquer both.

  • Learn how you can save hundreds of dollars you would normally spend on vitamins.

  • Find out how you can know if the vitamins you are taking are actually doing any good or not for the specific chemistry of your body

  • The role the liver plays in weight loss
You may be saying, “Why would this seminar be free?” We’ll tell you why. People are inundated with weight loss ads. Obesity is a huge (no pun intended) problem! People are searching for cures!

Unfortunately, many people start a weight loss program, only to end up gaining even more weight. People are confused because there are so many products and companies offering miracle results!

So we decided the best way to let people know about our amazing clinic and the remarkable results patients are having was to offer a free seminar and share this important information. That way, people can see the incredible things we are doing, and if interested, they can become a patient. Again, this is a free seminar and there is no pressure to buy anything. This seminar will give you some great information, and you will walk away, knowing how to get your body into FAT BURNING MODE!
The wave of the future is combining ancient discoveries with modern technologies to get to the cause of the weight gain and health issues.

Discover a breakthrough system that will show you on a day-to-day basis if your body is in FAT BURNING mode or FAT STORING mode! Learn exactly what you can do to switch it into fat burning mode!

Why are there so many different body shapes? Why do some people have excess weight around the middle while others have the majority of their weight around their thighs? Why are some people just fat all over! Everyone is so different…..why? There are specific reasons why different people experience different weight problems. The solutions are different for each person. New scientific health discoveries have uncovered the true sources of your weight issues allowing us to help you finally address and reverse them.

Don’t go another week living with the frustration of unwanted fat when the answers are here for you. Register here now to ATTEND THE FREE WEIGHT LOSS SEMINAR. You will finally learn what you need to do to overcome your weight issues, once and for all!

Call (614) 457-7575 or register on this website by clicking HERE.

Act now as seating is limited for classes and they fill up fast!
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