Wellness Professionals

We are proud to announce that we are local representatives of The Foundation for Wellness Professionals, a national non-profit group. Our membership consists of doctors who volunteer their time to give talks to women’s groups, churches, beauty salons, gyms and businesses throughout the community on different health topics having to do with disease prevention and wellness.

My role as a volunteer is to not only educate men women and children on the subject of Wellness, but to also show how your lifestyle may be causing undue harm and what can be done through natural, drug-free and non-invasive methods to correct them.

As part of my membership in this Foundation, I have agreed to provide at least 30 lectures and workshops to community organizations such as yours each year.

 I would like to discuss with you how I might be able to volunteer my time to assist your organization’s members in improving their overall health.

As the local volunteer for the Foundation, I am always looking for organizations that would have an interest in scheduling a workshop for their business, group, school, or church. These lectures and workshops are at no charge to you, your group or organization.

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